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Top 13 things to do in order to get your Adsense approved in 2017 [updated]

If am to ask all bloggers what is your greatest expectations in blogging?

Definitely, I would be expecting answers like, I really want to make money!

So now you can see that one of the goals of every blogger is to make money from their blog.

If you are to also ask me the same question, I would tell you that I want to also make money from my blog.

If you don’t make money from your blog, then how would cope and even survive with your blog and also taking care of some needs like purchasing of domain name, and hosting.

So now you can see that money is important when on Eventually Ventures into blogging.

Okay without wasting much time, let go fully into the details of today’s blog post.

Adsense is one of the best ways to make money today from your blog, not just making money but making great tons of money into your local bank account, and even live fine.

Google Adsense has really made a lot of people rich today, not just people even companies and lot more.

Companies like Yahoo, Notjustech, and Mashable are really making great income from their blog.

So you can see that there is a lot to achieve from blogging, if you don’t have Adsense on your blog, then you are missing a lot from blogging.

I am making money from Google Adsense, because it is one of the legitimate ways of making money online.

For those of you who are hearing of the Google Adsense program for the first time, don’t worry I will be explaining that for you as we go on.

What Is Google Adsense Program?


Google Adsense is a program that allows bloggers to earn money from their blog, a set of code will be given to you to insert in pages of your blog so that whenever someone or a new visitor visit your blog, you would be making money from the adverts that will be displaying on your blog.

A lot of bloggers today keep asking this question,

Why does Google Adsense keep rejecting my blog?

Google Adsense is becoming stricter as the day goes by, so it not an easy go for bloggers who are lazy or who want to make fast money from their blog.

Google Adsense is a program for people, who are passionate about writing, and hard working bloggers who have a lot of content to offer to world.

Now let’s quickly see some of the reasons why your blog is been rejected by Google Adsense team.

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Why Google Adsense rejected your blog

  1. Insufficient Content:

Earlier on I said that blogging is not meant for Lazy people, and also I said that blogging is not meant for people who don’t like writing, and also I also said your blog have to be Textual in order to get Google Adsense approved for your blog.

Google Adsense hate blogs that are not Textual, which lacks much content, so if your blog is lacking much text, then you need to re-structure you’re writing skills.

So if your blog post is written poorly, then Google Adsense application will be rejected.

  1. Poor Design of your Blog:

Definitely, Google Adsense team will look at your blog structure and see if it will be able to fit their Advertisement banners, and if it will not bring them gain, then you’re Adsense application will be reacted.

How would you feel if you enter a blog that it’s not well arranged, or the template and themes it’s just so bad, if you are too been an advertiser who wants to approve publishers who wants to display adverts on peoples blog, definitely you won’t want to accept bad blogs.

  1. No Important blog pages:

Google Adsense really want to know who you are, where you are blogging from, what you offer on your blog, they don’t need scammers on their program, they need people who are for real, they need people who are not genuine.

So what am I trying to say?

What I am trying to say is that your blog has to have important pages like the About us page, Contact us page, Privacy Policy, Hire me page, Site map and lots more.

If you don’t know what an about us page looks like, then you can see David Chisomeje about us page.

  1. Your blog does not comply to Adsense Policy:

Your blog has to have to meet the requirement for Google Adsense in order to get your Adsense application approved.

If your blog is having bad navigation problem then your Adsense application would not be approved.

Imagine if a reader hates your blog, what big Company like Google Adsense will do.

Also if your blog is having illegal materials such as human trafficking, Gambling, Drugging and adult contents such as pornography and lots more, then Google Adsense team will automatically reject your blog and kick you off from the Google Adsense program.

So if your blog is having any of these 4 problems listed above then your blog will always be rejected when you keep applying for the Google Adsense program.

You can imagine what it looks like when the Google Adsense team sends you this annoying message to you G-mail.

Many big bloggers today where rejected from the Google Adsense team but did they give up?


They never gave up; they kept on striving until they were able to get their Google Adsense application approved.

Big bloggers like Harsh Agwral of Shoutmeloud got his Adsense approved after several applications to Google Adsense.

Now let’s go fully into the details of today’s blog post, without much time wasting.

15 things to do before applying for Adsense in any part of the world.

They are lots to do in order to get your Google Adsense approved instantly, they are lots of blog that Google Adsense team don’t have to think twice before giving them a congratulatory program.

  1. Start writing high quality content:

They always say that, content is king.

Definitely content is king, if you don’t write quality content in your, then Google will never approve your blog.

I can put it like this, if you don’t provide value to your readers, then you can never get your blog approved for Adsense.

Quality vs. Quantity.

Bloggers still don’t understand what Google mean by quality content, but don’t worry I am here with you.

Quality content mean that your blog posts, article should be textual, it should have much text.

Quantity content mean that you’re content have to be many, as it has to be up to 100 blog posts and above.

But Google Adsense don’t need quantity content, they need quality contents.

This is why today you see someone with 10 quality blog post and he will be approved instantly.

While someone there is having 50 blog posts but still not getting his/her Google Adsense approved.

5 thing quality content must possess.

  • Your content has to be original and unique
  • Your content must be useful and informative
  • Your blog content must free from grammar and errors
  • Your blog article must be long enough (textual)
  • Your blog post must have right title.

So quality matters a lot, you have to high quality content on your blog in order to get Google Adsense approved for your blog.

  1. Create an About page for your blog:

Every business, every blog, anyone who want to invest in any business must have an about us page for his or her blog or business.

Here the about us page can be able to tell people more about what you are into, what your blog is all about, and also what it entails, so that when people visit your blog they can know what is all about.

Not just that, this about page will help the Google Adsense team and crawler to easily tell what your blog is all about.

You can check out David Chisomeje about page.

  1. Create your blog privacy page

Definitely your blog must have a privacy policy page, the Google Adsense team always check your Privacy policy page, in order to know whether you are scam or not.

Google wants to see this privacy policy page on your blog, so that they can see you know what privacy you want from your blog and all that.

Whenever you apply for the Google Adsense program, Google will look at this particular page in order to know whether you are for real or you are an alien coming from space.

So try and get your blog privacy policy in the category of your blog in order to make it easy for people to be able to see while viewing your blog pages.

  1. Make your site Navigation easy:

How would you feel when you come into Tech blog and you are looking for the comment box to say something and you saw the comment box inside the side bar instead of after the post.

Of course you won’t be happy with that blog and the owner of the blog and definitely they won’t come back to that blog again in their dearest life.

Now back to our main topic, you have to make your blog navigation very easy for the Google crawler to be able to know what your blog content is all about.

Not just the Google crawler, the Adsense team is also involved here; they can easily navigate your blog without ease and stress.

  1. Create a contact us page:

If you don’t have a contact us page for your blog where people can be able to reach you easily.

Definitely your readers must surely need your assistance one day, how will they reach you easily?

This is where your contact us page will be needed, to reach you and get to share a problem with you.

Now let come to Google Adsense view of perspective, if you don’t have a contact us page among your blog pages then, Google Adsense will reject your blog and conclude that you just created your blog to make money instead of solving people problem.

One important step: Google Adsense mention in their rejection email that your website should have a clear navigation menu to help your readers find your pages and access the content before you think about applying again for Adsense.

So, what you’ve to do is to work on your menu by adding all important categories and pages i.e. about us, contact us and privacy policy to help your readers easily find the content that they are looking for. The more you care about improving your visitor’s experience the higher chances will be to get approved by Adsense.


You can easily create one very easily.

I am going to give one secret about this particular page (contact us).

When you want to create a contact us page for your blog, you should create an official E-mail address for your blog just like the one of Notjustech which Info@notjustech.com so you can now see that Google Adsense will take me for real and not an alien coming from Jupiter.

You can easily create one for free from your blog C-panel.

  1. Verify Your Name and Email:

When you apply don’t forget to put your name and email address in some easily visible area like about and contact pages. It will confirm to Google Adsense team that it is the same person who applied for Adsense and not some spam, crappy bots.

This will speed up the verification process and within no time, you’ll be able to enjoy fully approved Adsense account.

  1. You must be 18+:

It’s a must you have to be a teenager from 18 years and above, I was a victim of this, I told Notjustechers one time that I started blogging at the age of 17 years, and I had passion to make money from Google Adsense, but Google keep rejecting me even though I was meeting all their requirements.

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Not until I became 18 years that was when I got my Google Adsense approved.

So there are no ways you can trick Google and they won’t catch you.

I tried deceiving Google Adsense, but they still caught me, you can’t lie to Google, just be true and Natural.

You can imagine what bloggers from India and China would be experiencing before getting their blog Adsense approved.
Then compare us in Africa.

So we are a little bit lucky when it comes to getting our Google Adsense approved.

Though you can still use your parent, uncle, father, mother, sister or anyone you know is up to 18+ in order to get your Google Adsense approved if you follow the above tips to getting your blog Adsense approved.

  1. Have some Good number of posts:

How many blog post should I have before apply for Adsense?

A lot of bloggers having be giving some numbers of posts one must have in order to get your blog Adsense approved.

Some say that you must have at least 50 blog posts, while some other bloggers say that you must have about 80 blog post.

All these are lies upon lies.

There is no amount of blog number given by Google Adsense In order to get your blog approved.

But from blog expert, it is said that before you can get your blog Adsense approved, you should have at least 20 well written, original, contextual, plagiarism free article with original images created by you and not copied somewhere on Google.

As of me I got my Google Adsense approved with just 15 blog post, it was original (written by me) it was plagiarism free, In fact I was just to good when I applied for my Google Adsense for Notjustech blog.

So don’t even listen to what some bloggers are saying on what the amount of post you must have before getting your blog Google Adsense approved.

With 10-20 quality articles on your blog, you can get your blog Adsense approved, not just 10-20 articles to get your Adsense approved.

Each of your blog post has to be at least 1000+ words in order to see fast and better reactions from Google, Google needs quality writers and not bloggers that write quantity blog post.

Bloggers with 10 articles on their blogs are getting Adsense approved and are busy making up to $1000 USD Monthly into their local bank account, while you are here carrying tales and rumor of what other bloggers are saying.

A friend of mine here in Nigeria, got his Google Adsense approved in 2 days just of recent March 1st 2017.

  1. Make your blog Navigation very easy:

You don’t have to stress the Google Adsense team and their crawler, you just have to make things easier for them, you can imagine how many people from different parts of the world is requesting for Google Adsense approval for their blog most especially now that things are very hard (Nigeria).

Try making sure that you have at least these 4 required pages on your blog which are,  

  • About us page
  • Contact us page
  • Privacy policy page
  • Site map page

So if you can have any of these pages in your top bar of your categories, then you can easily get your Google Adsense approve instantly.

Not just that, still on making your blog navigation easy for the Google Adsense team, your blog need to posses all these features listed below.

  • Fast loading
  • Proper menus
  • Search engine friendly
  • Simple and professional
  • No rubbish by the side bar.

They are good teams that will help you get your blog Adsense approved; you can search for purchase Notjustech Theme, its Adsense friendly it’s just $20, when you pay I will send it to you Asap.

  1. Review your content type:

Your content really matters a lot, Google Adsense don’t accept any how content, Google Adsense want content that will make a reader bookmark your blog, Google wants content that will make a reader forfeit his or her Dinner for your blog post.


But it happens today, a reader will forfeit his Launch just to get filled with your thirsty content.

Now let’s come to what Google Adsense has to say

Types of content Google Adsense don’t accept.

  • Pornography/Adult materials
  • Pirated Content
  • Hacking or Cracking Tutorials
  • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia
  • Any Other Illegal Stuff
  • There are few languages that are supported by Adsense so make sure your blog language is in the list of these.
  1. Purchase a top level domain name:

Gone are those days when Google Adsense approves free blog platform like the BlogSpot, .wordpress, wix, and lots more domain platforms.

In order for you to get your Google Adsense approved, you need to purchase a top level domain name, there are cheap domain name companies out there in the world and they are have a lot of publishers registered with them.

You can easily purchase a domain name from Namecheap, they are one of the leading domain purchasing companies, and they are trusted.

I have registered a lot of clients on Namecheap and till today they have never called me once saying that they are experiencing a particular problem.

I had to transfer my domain name register from Godaddy to Namecheap, and I am enjoying Namecheap services.

You can easily purchase your domain name from Namecheap and quickly apply for Google Adsense.

They are lot of domain Tld today such as

  • .com
  • .com.ng
  • .ng
  • .net
  • .org
  • .info
  • .tech

As for today, you must have your own unique domain that specifies your blog. If you don’t have one yet, stop dreaming about getting approved with sub domains and go buy a Top Level Domain. It will cost anywhere from $10-$15/year. You can buy the domain from Namecheap.

The best domain is the one with .com extension. Choose a short, unique and easy to remember domain that is related to your blog niche.

  1. Remove all third part Ads:

Google Adsense hates all forms of banners in your blog; it makes the Google Adsense team feels that you want to make them look like as if they are not valued.

Banners are one of the reasons that makes bloggers who want to get their Google Adsense approved not to be approved.

If you are having third party ads like Bidvertzer, Chitika, Infolinks, and lot more on your site, definitely Google must disapprove your application. So in order for you to get Google Adsense approved for your blog you need to make your blog ads free in order to speed up the Adsense application process.

  1. Know where your traffic source is coming from:

Google hates blog that are using paid traffic to drive massive traffic to their blog, so if you are the one that want to gain much traffic to your blog, please don’t use paid traffic, don’t even promote your site on Facebook, because Google is watching you and your blog, Google knows where your traffic is coming from, you can’t just try to deceive Google Adsense or else you will be caught.

What does Google mean by Paid traffic?

Well, Google says in its privacy policy that it hate paid traffic, so bloggers who have not gotten their blog Adsense approved don’t have the right to promote their blog on different platforms or else they would be caught and ban.

Google needs natural traffic, they also need real traffic and not aliens viewing their adverts.

So in order to get you Google Adsense approved you need to avoid all forms of paid traffic.


I have just taken my Good 4 hours to compile this blog post in order for them to get their Google Adsense approved.

With all this tips you can be able to get your Google Adsense approved in 2 days, only if you follow all these tips I just gave to you.

A lot testimony have been coming in ever since my readers finished reading this blog post and they are happy to start making money from their Adsense.

In a Nutshell to this blog post, when you have passion in what you are doing, definitely you will make much money from your blog.

Mark Zuckerburg always says this wherever he goes,

“When you start solving the problems of people then you will start making money from your passion”.

Over to you!

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  • Comment below and let me know your story about getting Adsense approved. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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