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9 Essential Things To Do Before Receiving Your First Google Adsense Payments In Nigeria

The very first time I joined blogging, I wanted to get my Google Adsense approved and then after much hard work and writing of quality post in my blog with also quality images, I was finally approved by Google Adsense. I am sure that this is same with most bloggers in Africa.

Now, Adsense Approved but the problem here is on how to make money with my Google Adsense program so that I can start withdrawing my cool money from my local bank account.

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Fellow blogger it’s not easy to make money from Google Adsense if you want to follow the hard way, but if you go through the easiest way which involves promotion and all that then there is probability that you can make that much money in no time.

It so difficult for online publishers who want to receive their first payment from Google Adsense program, many bloggers today have backed out from Google Adsense program because they are not patient enough to do what is necessary in order to start withdrawing their money.

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If you are a Nigerian blogger who have reached the minimum payout threshold and you want to start getting your money into your local back account; there are nine things you have to do before you can start receiving your money into your bank account.

Without wasting much of your time, I would just go straight to the 9 things you need to do before you can start withdrawing your money.


Step 1
First Sign in to your Google Adsense account to display the Adsense homepage.

Step 2
Choose the “Home” tab if it is not already selected, and then click Payment Settings to show the Payment Settings screen.

Step 3
Click the “Add New Bank Account” button to display the Add New Form of Payment screen.

Step 4
Carefully Enter the requested bank account information, including the account holder name, the bank routing number and the account number.

Step 5
Then Click the “Save” button to save your change.

Step 6
Now Wait up to five days for Google to deposit a test amount into your bank account.
Step 7
Sign in to Google Adsense once more, click “Payments” and then “Payment Settings” to show the Payment Settings screen.

Step 8
Click “Verify Test Deposit” and enter the test amount that you noted.

Step 9
Now you finally click the “Submit” button, which verifies your account, When the deposits into your Google Adsense account reach the payment threshold.

I have just given to you the most essential steps you need to follow in order to start receiving your Google Adsense payment here in Nigeria, so if you have reached your Google Adsense withdrawer threshold, then you can follow the final steps in receiving your payment.

Congratulations to you after you have received your first Google Adsense payment.

If you have not yet reached your own withdrawer threshold, then you have to try and put in more hard-work in order to reach your withdrawer threshold and start making your cool money.

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  1. You right bro!!!.. I tell newbie bloggers that it is easy to get adsense approved than make money through AdSense… I encourage them to work on their traffic first.

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