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5 Hot Killer Tips To Make More Money From Blogging In 2017-Updated

Many bloggers today believes that if you want to make much money from blogging, you must or need a Google Adsense Account. Whether you like to hear it or not the truth about the matter is that, Google Adsense is the most difficult ways to make money online.

Even Big time bloggers today like Mac Johnson, Ammar Ali, Harsh Agwral confirmed that Google Adsense is the most difficult way of making money from blogging.

It got to a particular stage when one of the most richest Indian tech blogger Harsh Agwral checked his Google Adsense earning for the last four years and he said, his affiliate earnings is far much more better than his Google Adsense earnings.

I have critically looked and observed most Newbie bloggers, they rush into blogging because they want to make money from Google Adsense, after all applications to Google to become one of their publishers, then the Google Adsense team will immediately turn down their application.

I was opportune to meet an Igbo Guy from Eastern Nigeria, and he said ever since he got his blog Google Adsense Approved in 2013 he has been waiting to reach their minimum withdrawal threshold which is $100 USD, But God helping him after much hustling online he was able to withdraw his first Adsense money in 2015.


He spent three years just to get his first Adsense payment, can you imagine the stupidity, while a blogger based on Affiliate marketing is making $200 USD in a month from all his affiliate sales.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s quickly look at the 5 ways you can make money from blogging in any parts of the world.

Believe me after reading this particular blog post, you would start noticing financial breakthrough from your blog, there is this joy of making money online even if the money is not much.

Start Buying and Selling Advertising Space:
Most people (pro bloggers) are benefiting from this very aspect of making money online. Bloggers like Linda Ikeji, Laila Ikeji, Vanguardngr, Punchng, Naij, Myschool and other bloggers are making great income from their blog.
If only you can put in much hard work like Linda Ikeji did back in 2007 when she started her blogging career.

Image result for picture of how to make money in Nigeria

Believe me or not most advertisers in Nigeria are looking for big Publishers like me and you just to promote their product and services to large audience by placing paid adverts to your blog.

So you can imagine if you are the hard working type, definitely these big advertisers will surely look for you, so try to put in much hard work in your blog and remove money from your mind, and in no time your hard work will begin to pay or speak for itself.

All you need to do after or while working hard to get your blog at the top is to create beautiful advert space on your blog for advertisers that would soon be pitching you up for advert placements.

Venture into Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate marketing seems to be turning one of the best ways of making money online most especially when it comes to blogging. I have seen most bloggers who records high sales from their blog monthly, even they show their bank statements on a monthly bases just to proof that it’s real and not tales.

Believe me or not most people shop online more these days, for instance here in Nigeria when our population is above 200,000000 Million People, and think of people who would be making their online purchases, if you were to be one of the most popular blogger with more audience, you will record very awesome sales.

Which is quite more interesting, Much Money for you in your Bank Account!

Promote and Start Marketing Your Own Blog Product Fast:
If there another easiest and fastest method of making money from blogging, I would suggest that you should start creating and selling your own blog products.

Today, in the Blogosphere, they are lots of products which you can easily create and sell online and make great money.

For practical purpose I will be listing out to you some of the products which you can create online without much stress.

Start An Online Course:
These days most Bloggers now organize online course which people can register for and pay for before learning a particular thing such as internet marketing, how to make money tips which I am giving you for free and other kind of stuffs which you see valuable but you don’t want to give them out for free but for a token.

A very good example of bloggers that run these online webinars, online courses and makes great fortunes are Promise Excel, Mariah Coz, Mega Hinns, and lots of bloggers out there running this online course on their blogs.

So you can learn how to run an online webinar, and start it on your blog and you will start making a great income from your blog.

You know the most interesting part of this online course, you have the right to know how much you can make on a monthly basis, and here nobody determines how much you make.

See this as an opportunity to make great income from your blog from today.

Signup For Good Monetization Programs:
Today they are lots of good monetization programs that help bloggers, online publishers, to make great fortune out from their blogs.

Lists Of Monetization Programmes Available for Bloggers/Online Publishers in Nigeria
Google Adsense
Click bank
And many types of good monetization program on the internet for publishers and bloggers like you.

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