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Strong Reasons Why You Are Not Making It As A Blogger In Nigeria

With the way people are hungry and searching for information’s and solutions on the internet today, a lot of bloggers are coming up with various kind of blogs with the mindsets of making money like one of the richest bloggers and while some of them want to help people in solving all kinds of problems of life, you know providing solutions to any kind of problems using their blog.

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Most bloggers today ventured into blogging with the wrong mindset, which is that they want to make money from their blog over night and nothing much. When they are not making money from their blog, they would just dump their blog for other online monetization method that will help them make money E.g. (Bitcoin, Zarfund and their brothers).

For those of you who must have dumped your already started blog and those of you who are about quitting your blog, please make good use of this blog post. Without wasting much of your time I will be listing to you some of the reasons why you are not making it big as Blogger in any part of the world.

Five Reasons Why You Are Not Making It As A Blogger In Nigeria.

  1. Inconsistency in Blogging:

Many bloggers today who their blogs are not or have not started making money from their will not take their blog serious; they will only blog maybe after 3 months of opening their blogs or thereabout.

Most bloggers give up on their blog after sometimes of creating their blog and before you know what is happening one year is passed and their blog domain is expired.

No matter whatever you are doing, be it work, school, studies, or any situation giving your blog the required time it need is very important since you are not a full time blogger, try to give your blog 2-3 hours in a week in order to keep up with the trend, it doesn’t mean that you have to be on your blog every twenty four hours.

If you can keep on doing this by writing great and quality contents on your blog, you won’t know when you will start making it big on your blog, so no matter what is the situation of your daily activities, try giving your blog about 2-3 hours in order to keep the blog up and active. You need to know that your subscribers, friends and families are always looking up to your blog for new contents, so try updating your blog with befitting solutions that helps to solve peoples problem.

  1. Lack Of Passion In Blogging:

Passion is just the only key that keeps driving bloggers to exploring more opportunities on the internet like mad. If you don’t have passion for what you are doing, you will not last long in that business or that skill.

I had the passion of blogging and keeping my friends updated with any latest new trend in Technology, Blogging and Entrepreneurship and other interesting stuffs related to Startups that’s why I am still standing firm in blogging despite the challenges I see myself facing and all that.

In fact when I just remember that I am a Blogger with authority, there is this joy you will feel as someone who has passion for what enjoys doing, or things he or she does without stress.

  1. Lack Of Focus In Blogging:

Focus is what keeps a blogger moving forward in his or her industry no matter what challenges that cometh his or her way; you know where you are going so you will be focused and be mindful of anything that will easily drive your attention from your blog, like other stuffs like (MMM, Bet9aija) and other kind of stuffs out that draws the heart and mind of young people.

You can’t be blogger and tell me that you don’t have a specified niche where you base your blog on.

What kind of blogger is that?

Today you can decide to blog on health and tomorrow you can decide to blog on Entertainment.

That one na Blogger? As most Nigerian blogger say to make gist of themselves.

Please you need to focus your blog on one niche so as to help you blog better and be successful in your blog, and even more successful in your niche your blog can stand out among other blogs.

  1. Not Having A Goal For Your Blog:

What goal do you have for your blog?

What vision do you have for your blog?

Where do you look at your blog to be in the next 5 years to come?

As a blogger in Nigeria if you can be able to ask yourself these questions, I think you can get ideas or pictures of what you want your blog to look like in the next 5-6 to come.


Last week I was opportune to be interviewed by Promise Taruvinga of the Online Prosperity TV Show in Australia, and he asked me this question as one of his interview question, and of course I told him what I want my blog to look like in the next five years to come.

Very Amazing Interview!

So blogging without having a goal and vision of where you want your blog to be like in the next five years to come, or the height you want your blog to attain, will only drop you out of the track of blogging very soon.

  1. You Are Not Using Your Blog To Solve The Problems Of People:

I feel happy when my blog post helps people solve problems, just like I believe and know that this content is solving your problem right now, why don’t you do likewise by searching for people’s problem on the internet and then start using your blog content to provide solutions on or about that problem.


When you start using your blog content to solve the problems of people, you will see that the money will start coming by itself, you will buy the heart of your readers, you will increase you subscribers by 1000+, you will make your blog to standout among the top country specific blogs in your Niche.

If you start using your blog to start solving people’s problems you will see that all other rewards a blogger need to get will start coming itself, please never copy any post you don’t own, or else you will never make it as a blogger in your Niche. It’s even better that you don’t even publish contents in your blog, than copying content you don’t own.

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I have exposed to you some of the compelling reasons why you are not yet making it as a blogger in your Niche, whether you believe it or not, those are some of the common reasons why most Nigerian bloggers cannot make it.

So if you are a newbie blogger who just ventured into blogging and you have started experiencing failure in your blog, please make good use of this blog content because it will soon rocket you to the top you never expected.

As many of you bloggers who must have dumped your blog for Zarfund and Bitcoin, pick up your dead blog and blog life into it and in no time you will see that your blog will be popular, and user friendly.

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