Notjustech was officially launched on the March 5th 2015, with the aim of developing young people and Newbies who want to get advanced in the technology industry.

In Notjustech Blog, we teach everything related to social media marketing, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, Freelance Writing, Guest Blogging, and Youtubing.

Here on Notjustech, there are really a lot of to learn and achieve, most especially if you are a Newbie who really has the passion to really learn and empower yourself.

If you are a blogger, or a company who want to get his or her business exposure to thousands of Notjustech Fan all around the world.

Why You Must Advertise on Notjustech.


There few reasons why you must advertise your website, products, and other tech related products.

They are as follow.

  • You will get 100% loyal readers not just readers but ideal readers from my blog (Notjustech)
  • We have about 2000 daily viewers trooping into Notjustech, and 20,000 unique visitors monthly.
  • When you advertise on Notjustech Blog, you will have at least 85% unique clicks on virtually all your advertisements.
  • Notjustech will broadcast your products on all her social media platforms, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Quora, Pintrest, Instagram, Facebook Page Fans with over 40,354 Fans from different parts of the world.
  • Notjustech now have about 200 subscribers on the official YouTube Channel (David Chisomeje).
  • Notjustech also have about 25,000 subscribers on her Blog, when I say that the company has about 25,000 subscribers on its blog, I mean real subscribers coming from India, Nigeria, United States Of America, and also lots more, the reason why I mentioned this country is because they are the countries where I get most of my subscribers from every time I place an opt in form on Notjustech.
  • Notjustech Alexa Rank, is Above 300,000 in total.

Notjustech Site Statistics

  • Daily unique visitors: 2000+
  • Daily Page Views: 2,500+
  • Notjustech Blog Subscribers: 25,000

Available Packages

  • Sight banner ads: Targeted website advertising
  • Spotlight ads: highly visible text ads with visible links
  • Sponsored directory listing:
  • Sponsored reviewing:
  • Featured affiliate listing: on main page/pages
  • Newsletter Ads: Monthly advertising with over 25,000 subscribers

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