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Do you need my help?


I am right here with you, so just relax because in two hours time your service will be delivered straight away.

Lists of Services I render for a Token.

  1. Blog setup (WordPress or Bloggers)

It is no more news that the WordPress blogging platform is the most widely used blogging platform in the world! This is not just because it is easy to use but also because it is a very flexible platform and it makes your blog look damn professional. I know a lot of aspiring bloggers out there are not familiar with WordPress and WordPress installation and design looks like an Alien technology to them but I am here to help you out as I have always been doing! The major goal of this blog is to help newbie bloggers get started and I believe it starts with helping you to skip all the technical difficulties by setting up your blog for you at absolutely for just a token. I am offering you a great opportunity to help you install and optimize your WordPress blog for just a Token

I will setup your WordPress Blog for you, Install a Good Looking Theme (SEO) and also install the Important SEO Plugin and other Plugins that will make your blog Rock and look professional.

  1. Freelance Writing Services:

Are you tired of writing? You might not be really tired, but you don’t have time to write blog post for your blog.

Your online products are not moving as it used to move before, don’t worry when you hire me for a token, I will write an article that will make your product sell itself.

Are you looking for a freelance writer that will be writing interesting article of any kind for your company, blog, organization?

Well you just arrived here; I will write quality and interesting articles for your blog, organization, school, project, product launch and all that.

Why should you hire me for your freelance writing services?

I know most people will ask that question, but don’t worry I will be giving you some of the few reasons why you should try me.

When you hire me as your freelance writer, there is much you would gain from me.

  • Quick response
  • Quick delivery
  • Quality work done
  • Successes in my work for your business and products.
  • I am very cheap, this is one of the main reasons why people hire me
  • Finally, I am trust worthy, I never joke with people business, in order not to spoil my reputations.

Much more you can gain from my freelance writing services, a lot of people have achieving great success from my work in their business, clients from different part of the world has been gaining much success through my work.

  1. Promote your Blog, Business, products and Events:

A lot of people have been requesting me to promote them on Notjustech; some say that I should feature them, while others say that I should help them advertise their product for just a token.

If you are looking for where to promote your online Products, and advertise your products, then Notjustech can help you achieve that.

Few months back someone used this platform to drive massive sales to his E-book and definitely it was a huge sale for him.

We also accept sponsored post here on Notjustech, so if you have any sponsored post and all that, we will charge you low to place your sponsored post where our fans, visitors, readers, guests can easily see them, and before you know you would be getting a massive click through in your sponsored ads.

  1. Purchase your Cheap Theme Here on Notjustech.

Here on Notjustech we have cheap templates, Cheap themes for your blog, its not just a theme or template, but it is Adsense ready template.

Most of my clients who have hired me for services most especially launching of their blog and all that, they have been getting their Adsense approved without much stress and work.

It’s just for a Token.

What are you waiting for?

You can order for your service Asap, when you pitch me on any of my platforms, then I will get back to you as soon as possible, it’s just for a Token, though we can also negotiate on the price before getting your work done and delivered.

Here in Notjustech, we try to make things easier for you, by delivering sound work; our team will make sure that they would deliver nice work.

Getting your Adsense approval?

Have you tried to get your blog Adsense approved, but it’s not working for you then you can hire Notjustech team services and we would help you get your Adsense approved.

Do you need YouTube Adsense of any Country type?

Then you can also so pitch us for assistance, we have lots of YouTube Adsense for sale, so you can easily order for yours now and as soon as you make payments we would send to you all your YouTube Adsense details and mail.

Hurry and order Now.

You can also pitch me on Facbook

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