I know you would need my service, and also you would definitely visit this page, that’s why I created this page to make it easy for you to easily contact me.

But before I go on with this short article about the service I render to different organization, I would like to give a very brief description about myself and my blog.

As you all know my Name is David Chisomeje, the CEO at Notjustech Blog, I have a lot of skills and I deposit them here on Notjustech and also my YouTube channel with some other blogs like Naij here in Nigeria.

I have acquired a lot of online skills that is really helping me today and my ideal readers, and other people out there in the world, a few example of some of the skills I possessed are listed below.

  • Internet marketer
  • Social media marketer
  • Blogger
  • Freelance writer
  • YouTuber
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Nigeria’s best-selling author
  • Website developer.

Those are some of the skills I possessed, in case you don’t have Idea of who is writing.

Okay this are some of the things you can know about me, but for full details about me, you can just visit my about page and read a full details about me including my blog and lots more.

Without wasting much of your time, and you know boring you with my details, I want to go straight to the main point.

I am an African story teller, I have been featured at PLAN AFRICA NIGERIA here in Abuja, I have speak during some of their events and to be sincere it was very fantastic.


Are you looking for a very good speaker, who would speak at your events and empower your audience?

Are you looking for a very good speaker that would speak at your events, school events such as graduation ceremony, entrepreneurship events, and lots more?

Are you looking for a speaker or writer that would help promote your company, products and organization?

Well, you just arrived the place on Notjustech.

Congratulations, thanks for visiting!

I am going to help you achieve all this, and promote you.

Not just that, I speak to empower young people, in universities, campus and colleges, schools and seminars, you can invite me to speak at your events or train some set of students who are enthusiastic to learn and know more.

A lot of people, students have been empowered through my speaking at their events, and today they have online skills that are earning them a lot of money.


There are lots you can expect from me, if you book me for your Events.

  • Immediate follow up: after the event for feedback.
  • Prompt response: to your E-mail and telephone correspondence.
  • Promotion of your events: on my blog, YouTube channel, and social media platforms.
  • Excellent delivery: full humor, anecdotes, challenges, and the good conversational tones.
  • Personal consultation: before the event in order to understand what you want from me

What are you waiting for, to invite me for your events?

Hurry now because you are just on your way to getting the best from my speaking and appearance at your events.

Without wasting much of your time, you can send me a mail to Info@Notjustech.com and I will reply you

Or you can message me using any of the follow social media platforms and then I will also reply quickly.


Or to make things easier you can use the contact form below to send me message and I will also reply as quick as possible.