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Yes there quite a lot of reasons why people guest post for other blogs, in other to gain traffic back to their blogs, speak to the large audience, write to solve big problems and lots more.

Notjustech is a home of Millionaires and aspiring Millionaires.

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There are a lot to learn from Notjustech blog, there are lots you can get from just guest posting here on Notjustech.

But before we proceed, there are kind of Niches/Topics that we accept here on Notjustech, we don’t just accept any kind of post without proofreading, we usually undergo a quick surgery on your article topic and Niche before we finally accept your blog post, or articles.

Below are some of the Niches that we accept from bloggers and writers who want to guest post for us.


  • Internet marketing/online marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • How to make money tips
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Success articles
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content marketing
  • WordPress/bloggers tutorials
  • Freelance writing
  • Online tips
  • Business tutorials and tips
  • Wealth creations
  • Motivational stories
  • Search engine optimization tips
  • Lots more and informative stuffs.

NOTE: Before you submit a guest post for Notjustech blog you have to be real, I mean your articles have to be original, clear, informative, interesting and then a bit interesting so as to get the best from our readers after reading your article, though I would do some proofreading on your article before I published them on Notjustech.

Also there are some topics we don’t accept here on Notjustech blog, which I would be listing them shortly as we proceed.


Like I said earlier on, there are some kinds of topics that we don’t accept here on Notjustech, because it does not fit our readers and clients, and even new guest that would still be visiting our blog for their very first time.

  • Entertainment posts
  • Sexually explicated photos and content
  • Health posts
  • Celebrity posts and news
  • Political jargons
  • Comedy, cracking of jokes, making a full mockery of yourself, your company, organization, religious stuffs and any form of racism.
  • Or anything that does fit our readers out there in the world and most especially to the Nigerian readers.

There are few guidelines you need to take note of before submitting your guest article to Notjustech editor, which I will be listing them below while we proceed.


Like I said earlier on, there are some guidelines that we provided for anyone who wants to submit a guest post for us.

  • First and foremost, you need to contact me by sending me a mail with your guest topic so as to alert me you want to guest post for Notjustech, and then if I like your topic, immediately I will send you a congratulation message ASAP! Which means you are good to go

Note: your mail has to be sent to Notjustech Official Mail Address, Info@Notjustech.com

  • Your guest article must be at least 1000 words and above, nothing below 1000 words will be accepted.
  • Your article has to be original and not plagiarized, and not a copyright content.
  • Do not link any affiliate links to your article or else you will be disqualified
  • All images you want to be used should come in separate as an attachment and not together with your contents.
  • Your contents have to also come in as a separate attachment, so as to make it easier for the editor to understand.
  • Also, include the author’s biography in the article, which has to come in Microsoft word, if you have a Gravatar profile on Microsoft word then it will be made easier for our audience to know you more but not necessary you must have a Gravatar profile, but a normal biography about yourself (which should not be more than 100 words)
  • You don’t have to design your image, because I will do it myself, I will design the image you will attach so that it can fit my blog and also my audience.
  • I also have the right to edit your content so as to fit my audience, don’t worry your original voice would be maintained.
  • Don’t forget to also include the name of your blog/website while submitting your guest articles
  • It’s not a must you should have a blog or website, but if you have you can also submit your website/blog name.
  • Once your article is published, you should share the article with all your social media communities, groups and many more in order to get the best from guest post.
  • With only accept 3 backlinks to your website and nothing more.

Notjustech Payments.

For now we do not pay our guest writer because Notjustech is in its critical and growing phase, but definitely there will be a great reward for consistent Guest writers at the end of every month.

Your consolation prize is the exposure you get here on Notjustech and the multi-Million chance of your article to be read by millions of people here on Notjustech communities.


All articles should be sent to Notjustech Official Mail which is Info@Notjustech.com


Or you can easily use the contact form below in order to submit your content and blog details.

What Next?

Finally you are now featured on Notjustech Millionaires Blog!


It’s a pleasure.